Open Doors

Open Doors Youth Reengagement



The Open Doors Youth Education Retrieval Program will help improve your academic skills so you can  obtain a GED , High School Diploma, College enrollment, and assistance in finding employment and career readiness. Our Washington State certificated teachers and case managers provide the individualized attention you need to succeed.

In partnership with Granite Falls Public Schools, Open Doors staff provide academic instruction for  students in the district whose goal is to obtain their GED. Students work with staff to pursue employment, higher education or training. Students learn financial literacy and participate in various Open Doors  life skills activities.

Who Can Enroll?

Snohomish County Youth who are 16 to 21 years old on or before Sept. 1st, and are:

  • Not Enrolled in high School, or,
  • Students who are significantly behind in academic credits

We can help with:

  • GED prep
  • Career Training
  • Employment
  • Higher Education
  • Life Skills
  • Work Readiness
  • Financial Literacy
  • Academic Support
  • Housing Help/DSHS assistance
  • Support Services
  • Legal Help
  • Apprenticeship/Internships