Bridgette Perrigoue, Crossroads and Open Doors



Jennifer Foster, Crossroads Counselor, Masters of Education in School Counseling from Seattle Pacific University and Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of Washington. Jennifer also holds two Associate’s Degrees from Everett Community College, one in Computer Programming and one Arts and Sciences. This is Jennifer’s second year as the Counselor at Crossroads and had two years of previous experience with high school/junior high counseling and math tutoring. Before working as a counselor, Jennifer spent two years volunteering with elementary aged at risk youth at the Casino Roads Kids Ministry. She is fluent in Spanish which allows her the opportunity to reach out to diverse members of the community. She is currently serving on the Crossroads High School Trauma Informed Leadership Team in collaboration with the Continua Group (Educational Psychology and Leadership Consultants).



Lori Hanson, Crossroads



Cheryl Berg, Crossroads and Open Doors, has worked with the Granite Falls School District for 16 years.  She started as a volunteer in her daughter’s 1st grade classroom and was asked to get on the substitute list as a playground supervisor.  As anyone who has subbed in the district knows, good subs usually get hired on with the district, which was the case.  Cheryl was hired as a one-on-one paraprofessional with an autistic student and stayed working with him until he graduated.  From there, Cheryl was hired as the McKinney Vento coordinator for Crossroads High School and eventually was hired as the building secretary for Crossroads.


Certificated Staff

Loreen Carlson, Crossroads teacher, Masters of Art in Education, has worked in the Granite Falls School District for 11 years at the Middle School, High School, and currently is at Crossroads teaching Fine Arts, Ceramics, Yoga, Math, and is the Yearbook Advisor. She has 27 years of teaching experience which include working in Special Education with students from third grade through high school, 5th grade classroom teacher, behavior specialist, and reading specialist. She believes that art, math, and yoga provide students unique opportunities to express and challenge their problem solving and creative potentials.  For the district she currently works on the Transforming Professional Learning Committee, she is the lead teacher for the Trauma Informed Learning Team at Crossroads, and is on the College, and Career Readiness Taskforce. Her credentials include Fine Arts, Spanish, Elementary Education, Special Education, Aggression Replacement Training Certified, and College in the High School Ceramics Certified.

Greg Farley, Crossroads teacher, Bachelor of Arts in Education (CWU 86), Master of Arts in Education (Antioch 03), has worked for the Granite Falls School District for 12 years with 31 years in the education field.  Currently, he is the Special Education teacher and part-time TOSA (Teacher on Special Assignment/Principal Assistant). He has also taught Math, and PE.  He has and continues to coach multiple sports for the District.

Kayla Land, Crossroads teacher, Bachelors of Science in Financial Economics and Business and is working towards her Masters of Science in Education, has worked for the Granite Falls School District a little over two years. She started substitute teaching in April of 2015, then was the ECEAP Program Manager the 2015-2016 school year while continuing to substitute teach. This is her second year as a social studies teacher at Crossroads.  She believes that everyone deserves a chance to find their passion for learning and hopes she can bring that out in the students.

Tom Matlack, Crossroads teacher, Tom Matlack, AAS Hotel Restaurant Management, B.A. in Secondary English Education, a 28 year teacher of English and Social Studies, has been at Crossroads since its early days.  With deep roots in the liberal arts and humanities, a passion for “story”, and lively/ antic direct instruction, Mr. Matlack tries to foster and enhance a love for learning in each student.

Kelly Munn, Crossroads and Open Doors teacher, graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor’s and a dual endorsement in Elementary Education and Special Education. She has worked as a paraeducator in a specialized therapeutic behavioral education program and after obtaining her teaching certification, became a teacher at a different behavioral education program. She has trained as a PBIS team facilitator and developed programs and frameworks to implement PBIS systems within her program. She came to Crossroads last year and is enjoying giving every student the opportunity to grow as individuals and realize the possibilities for their future.

Tracy Orr, Crossroads teacher, Masters of Science in Education and National Board Certified, has worked in the Granite Falls School District for 18 years, teaching 2nd grade, 3rd grade gifted, 5th grade, and 7 years as an alternative school math teacher. She is a part-time TOSA (Teacher on Special Assignment/Principal Assistant) and the ASB and Senior Class Advisor. Crossroads is where she has found her passion and true goal, to help ALL students understand they can like math and be successful in it. For the district, she is or has been the elementary and middle school math coach, assessment coordinator K-8 and at the alternative school, spoke at parent nights, provided professional development on the different math assessments, a mentor teacher, on the district drop out, insurance, math, instructional frameworks, instructional materials review and clock hour committees, and also co-chairs the district math textbook adoption committee. Within the state of Washington, she has participated in math test and COE range finding, performance level descriptors, reviewing, and item writing, spoke at the Alternative Learning and Northwest Mathematics Conferences, was a contributing author of the Best Practices in Math and Behavior Menus, and is currently a Math Fellow, Math Washington Core Advocate and WEA Math CCSS trainer. Nationally, she has written SBAC math problems for Smarter Balance along with McGraw-Hill and is on the Instructional Material Evaluation Tool Committee through Student Achievement Partners. She currently is an adjunct professor at City University and does test scoring for Measurement Inc. She has been named the Granite Falls Teacher of the Year in 2009 and 2017, Snohomish County Teacher of the Month and WASA region 109 Student Achievement Leader of the Year.

Rinda Pullen, Open Doors teacher

Heather Roberts, Crossroads teacher, has a Bachelors of Science in Health with a minor in English from BYU and a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction.  She began at Crossroads as a substitute teacher in December 2014 and was hired on as a full-time teacher a couple of months later.  Heather enjoys using different teaching strategies for students who learn in non-traditional ways.  She also loves that she has the chance to teach in multiple subject areas allowing her to pursue a number of passions. Professionally Heather has been on the HSHE committee to bring more resources and funding to our students’ health education. She also is a member of Crossroads’ Quality Learning PLC which this year has included purchasing and implementation of a new English curriculum.  She is starting her first year as the building union rep for GFEA.

Jeremy Rose, Crossroads teacher, is excited to be starting at Crossroads and Granite Falls School District this year. Jeremy is from the Boston area (Sharon, MA), and is *gasp* a Patriots and Red Sox fan. He has a BA in Physics and Secondary Education (and a History minor) from Washington University in St. Louis and a MA in Curriculum and Teaching from Teachers College, Columbia University. Jeremy completed his master’s thesis on the topic of student-teacher bonds and relationships in the classroom and strongly believes in a broad role for teachers beyond guiding content-based learning. Jeremy has taught many different courses and in many different settings in his career so far including Physics, Chemistry, Algebra, and Calculus in both charter and private schools in rural and urban environments. He has a passion for explaining how the everyday phenomena that surround us and inspires students to see the world with a sense of wonder. Jeremy just moved from New York City with his wife who is a rabbi in Seattle.

Laurie Roughton, Crossroads teacher, and English Department Head.  After ten years of teaching in middle school and another Parent Partnership Program, Laurie began at Crossroads as a Drama Teacher and program lead for the Parent Partnership Program, which is a K-12 support for homeschooled students. When the Parent Partnership Program was fazed out she moved over to Crossroads and the Open Doors Program full-time continuing to support and guide the Independent Study Program. Laurie loves the freedom that she has to create and provide out-of-the box learning opportunities for out-of-the-box students. One of the things she is proudest of is the creation of a Theater Special Effects Make-Up class.   Most recently Laurie has led and/or participated in committees that include SWIT, PLC leader, and Curriculum Adoption. Laurie has an Associates of Arts in Theater and a Bachelors of Arts in Liberal Studies with a minor in Theater from California State University Long Beach.

Julie Stark, Crossroads Career Tech Educator, Masters of Business Administration with an emphasis in Military Management, Bachelor of Science in Finance, has worked in the Granite Falls School District since 2014. She is currently serving as a member of the Crossroads High School Trauma Informed Leadership Team in collaboration with the Continua Consulting Group. Prior to working in the GFSD, she owned a small business for 20 years and served 23 years in the U.S. Army as a Communications and Public Affairs Officer.

Cathy Wagner, Crossroads and Open Doors teacher


Paraprofessional Staff

Joey Best, Crossroads

Tyana Herbrandson, Crossroads and Open Doors paraprofessional, student supervisor, and in-house substitute teacher, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, minor in Sociology from Walla Walla University. This is her third year working for the Granite Falls School District. She began as a substitute teacher during the 2015-2016 school year, and this is her second year working at Crossroads. She is currently serving as a member of the Crossroads High School trauma-informed leadership team in collaboration with the Continua Group (educational psychology and leadership consultants). Tyana has a history working with at-risk and traumatized children and youth. She has spent time working through Service Alternatives in therapeutic foster care, and has served in many other youth camps and programs. Tyana believes that every person has a past, but that it doesn’t have to define their future. She also believes that every student learns differently and should have the opportunity to learn in the way that is most effective for them.

Taryn Perrigoue, Open Doors paraprofessional

Liz Rekow, Open Doors paraprofessional

Tammy Sawyer, Crossroads Special Education paraprofessional, has an AA from the University of Phoenix and this is her first full year with the Granite Falls School District. She started as a Para Sub and was hired on as permanent staff in June 2017. Tammy has a huge heart for at-risk youth and felt that working with students at Crossroads High School would be the best opportunity for her make a positive impact in the Granite Falls community.


Lunch Staff

Marianne, Crossroads and Open Doors


Custodial Staff

Jim McNalty, Crossroads and Open Doors